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California State Leadership
Kevin De Leon President Pro Tempore
Kevin De Leon (D-CA-24th)
Bill Monning Majority Leader
Bill Monning (D-CA-17th)
Nancy Skinner Majority Whip
Nancy Skinner (D-CA-9th)
Jean Fuller Minority Leader
Jean Fuller (R-CA-16th)
Ted Gaines Minority Whip
Ted Gaines (R-CA-1st)
Kevin Mullin Speaker Pro Tempore
Kevin Mullin (D-CA-22nd)
Anthony Rendon Speaker
Anthony Rendon (D-CA-63rd)
Chris Holden Majority Floor Leader
Chris Holden (D-CA-41st)
Raul Bocanegra Majority Whip
Raul Bocanegra (D-CA-39th)
Brian Dahle Minority Floor Leader
Brian Dahle (R-CA-1st)
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