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Dear UCSB Friends:

UC Santa Barbara is a partner with all of our sister campuses in a major, grassroots effort to convince our elected officials in Sacramento that a strong University of California is essential to the health, prosperity, and future of our great state. Whether providing a world-class education for the leaders of tomorrow, generating economic growth and new jobs through research innovations, or working to improve California's healthcare and quality of life, UC's impact is felt in the lives of all Californians.

To ensure that the university has the resources to sustain these public contributions, UC is asking everyone in its "family"-alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends-to join together in a coordinated grassroots campaign to help educate and remind elected officials why adequate state funding for this world-class institution is critical for California's future. We need to make support for public higher education a priority, and the university needs us to send that message to our leaders in Sacramento. I hope that you will join us and other UCSB supporters in signing up as a member of our growing community of UC advocates.

I send my very best wishes and heartfelt thanks for your support.


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Henry T. Yang